Here are the release notes for each Visere Captura release, together with links to the download versions:

Version 1.0 Release
Windows ReleaseMac ReleaseUpdatesNotes
  • Fixed PTP Support on Mac
  • Changed dialog buttons "Apply" to "OK" to be behavior consistent.
  • Added the shortcut Enter (or Return) to pressing "OK."
  • Limited the "Add border" filter to a maximum of 2000 pixels to avoid out of memory issues if this number is very large.  More than 200 pixels can be added by hitting the Apply button multiple times.
  • Fixed a display bug where in Windows the tool dialogs do not appear on a second monitor. 
    • There is still an issue, caused by the Qt libraries we are using, where users can only use up to 125% DPI scaling. 
  • Fixed scrolling in dialog boxes.  Some dialog boxes had no scrolling. Now, all dialogs have scrolling.
  • Improved support for memorizing dialog sizes and locations.
  • Fixed dialog title name inconsistencies. 
  • Added default window sizes to match all dialog boxes, rather than one default for all dialogs.  Looks better when users first start the program.
  • Fixed scrolling issues when Dynamic Save contains multiple Batch Saves.
  • Added missing titles for all dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a UI turntables bug where the UI was shifting left under certain conditions
  • Updated help links to Pictomic's Confluence and Servicedesk pages.
  • Fixed a bug where alpha blending with a background image swapped image channels (RGB to BGR) when images were batch or dynamic saved.

  • Increased the size of the AIBR text input boxes
  • Updated 360 View Creator welcome banner
  • Alpha mating is the default in AIBR
  • Fixed issue with emailing of crash reports
  • Added support for Android cameras
  • Increased the number of grid lines for live view to 20x20
    • Fixed display spacing of the grid lines.
  • Added error messages for drive lens in Nikon cameras
  • Updated Nikon SDKs to version available on May 2024
    • Mac SDK updates
    • Windows SDK updates
  • Changed colors for better UI visuals
  • Fixed AIBR installation link.  Now it will install on first use.
    • Requires license file be installed first.
  • Updated Canon SDKs to version available on April 2024.

  • Added support for unlimited undo and redo
  • Added support for "Alpha blending display" in "Settings" to show
    alpha blending results of transparent images.