How to download the latest or any released version of Visere Captura?

Release Versions

This is the Visere Captura Release Depot.  For more details, continue reading this knowledge base article.

Release Notes

The Release Notes provide links and information about a subset of the nightly built versions.

Step-by-step guide

Pictomic maintains a Release Depot containing all versions of Visere Captura. When you start the software, it checks this depot and notifies you if a newer version is available, offering you the option to download it. Typically, you won't need to manually check the release depot, as Visere Captura will alert you to new versions. However, there are situations, such as lack of internet access or the need to revert to an earlier version, where manual installation may be necessary. Follow these steps to download any release version:

  1. Point your browser to the Visere Captura Release Depot.
  2. In the depot you will see a list of all the released versions.  Go to the latest, or desired, version listed by date.
  3. Hover your mouse over the links and at the bottom of the browser you will see the full name of the downloadable file, as shown below:
  4. In the screenshot above you'll see that the mouse is over a file that ends with the name 1.0.35887.exe.  Based on this name you know it's a windows installer.
  5. If the file ends with a .dmg, then the installer is a Mac installer.
  6. Choose the latest Mac or Windows installer and click to download the file.

Running Latest Version

Running the latest version of Visere Captura requires that you do have an active license file.  If your license file is not active you can only run versions of Visere Captura that have release dates earlier than the expiration of your license file.