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titleBeta Versions

How do I download a beta version of Visere Captura? 

titleBeta Testing

Please be aware that installing beta versions carries a higher risk. While we strive to ensure all beta releases are as stable as possible, they are more likely than release versions to contain bugs. We appreciate our beta testers and the valuable feedback they provide. Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

titleRelease Notes

The Release Notes provide links and information about a subset of the nightly built versions.

Step-by-step guide

Pictomic maintains a Beta Depot of all the versions of Visere Captura that it builds.  Beta versions are versions that are build nightly, or on a regular basis, but have not yet passed the final test checks and are not ready for release to the general public. Here are the steps involved in downloading any beta version:

  1. Point your browser to the Visere Captura Beta Depot.
  2. Select the major.minor beta version
  3. In this example we only have beta version 1.0, so we click on it
  4. Hover over the files and download the desired .exe.tgz (Windows) or .dmg.tgz (Mac) beta version.
  5. These are compressed files and need to be decompressed into the proper .exe and .dmg files. 
  6. Mac knows how to handle .tgz extension and you can simply double click on the file to extract the .dmg.
  7. Windows does not have a .tgz utility by default.  You can search for one, such as WinRAR and install it.  Then extract the .exe file.

titleRunning Latest Version

Running the latest version of Visere Captura requires that you do have an active license file.  If your license file is not active you can only run versions of Visere Captura that have release dates earlier than the expiration of your license file.

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