What is Visere Captura's history and how is it different from Iconasys' Shutter Stream? 

Why should I consider upgrading?

The Name Visere Captura

Visere Captura's name is derived from Latin: ”Visere” means ”to look at,” and ”Captura” means ”to capture,” thus Visere Captura translates to ”capture what you are looking at.”

See Release Notes

Please see the Release Notes KB for the latest Visere Captura development updates.


Visere Captura has a rich history in software development. Initially developed by DMMD in 2002 as a versatile image viewer and editor named Visere, it later evolved into White Cap, an FDA-approved medical image X-ray processing software. In 2013, it transformed into Iconasys’ Shutter Stream software. Finally, in 2024, it became the current Visere Captura software, maintaining the original Visere name but adding the name Captura to highlight the integration of the camera controls.

Comparison with Shutter Stream

If you are an existing Iconasys customer, you might be considering whether upgrading to Visere Captura is worthwhile. Here are some reasons we believe it is, together with the table below showing feature comparisons between the two software packages:

  • DMMD (a Pictomic mother company) is the original development team behind Iconasys' Shutter Stream.
  • Due to differing visions for Iconasys' future, the technical team separated from Iconasys in April 2024 and formed Pictomic.
  • Our Pictomic team is passionate about the technology. We are experts in image and signal processing, hardware, and software, and are driven by our love for innovation.
  • We are actively developing Visere Captura, focusing on incorporating more artificial intelligence algorithms and expanding hardware support.
  • With an upgrade to Visere Captura, Pictomic will honor any remaining Iconasys warranties.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade from Shutter Stream to Visere Captura is yours. We believe the benefits make it a worthy consideration.

FeatureShutter Stream 13.0Visere Captura 1.0Notes
Compatible with Iconasys' hardwarecheck mark check mark Pictomic's team developed Iconasys' hardware and software
Nikon, Canon, and Sony supportcheck markcheck markList of compatible camera
Mac and Windows supportcheck markcheck markOne C/C++ source code compiled natively for each OS
iPhone support check markcheck mark
Android support
check mark
Latest Nikon and Canon SDK
check mark
Automatic installation of AIBR Plugin
check markAIBR is the artificial intelligence background removal plugin
Transparent images with background previews
check mark
Unlimited edit undo history
check mark
Active development and bug fixes
check markPlease see the Release Notes KB for the latest development updates
Free license transfer for expired licenses
check mark